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I’ll be the first to admit it, I have expensive taste. I’m not ashamed to admit that I don’t think twice about having a different designer handbag to match everything I own. The other Fatty and I take pride in knowing that we’re supporting our local economy—someone has to keep Nordstrom in business. With my […]

While there are not many options on Whidbey Island, there are always treasures to be found in franchise-free areas brimming locally-owned family businesses perfecting the art of tasty home-cookin. Unfortunately, Christopher’s is not one of them. Much like many other parts of the planet, this area is divided between the Haves and the Have-nots. The […]

Most humblest apologies to our FattyChow Fans for the lapse in posting. While one Fatty has been submerged in trivial work-related happenings, the other has been slumbering in a Vicodin daze. As such, after rigorous testing, I offer you the best foods to accompany your narcotics of choice: liquor, beer, Cheetos, wine, Slurpees, cold medicine, […]

Our favourite Scottish treat has returned in the fourth season of Hell’s Kitchen… and the fatties are abundant. Highlight of the first show occurred during the presentation of signature dishes. When tasting one dish, a raw preparation featuring scallops, caviar, capers and white chocolate – Ramsey actually pukes after the first swallow. Ha! In the […]

We recently braved rain, sleet and snow to travel to Portland, Oregon, to sample the treasures found at the landmark Voodoo Doughnuts just past the Burnside Bridge. After being featured across various media (TV, Internets and magazines), Voodoo is a bit of a tourists trap, so brace yourself for a line thick with lookie loos. […]

On a recent trip down South, (stay tuned for details tomorrow…) we stopped for taquitos in the springtime snow at El Compadre. Located just off I-5 in Castle Rock, Washington, the sign boasted the food was “muy bueno” and who are we to argue with a sombrero-tossing, fast-talking jalapeño. We arrived to find native Mexicans […]