Lunch @ 35th Street Bistro (Fremont)


Pomme FritesThe Fatties took on lunch at the 35th Street Bistro, opting for the $15, 3-course Dine Around Seattle special. Although our previous venture to Fremont was most delightful, this visit fell a bit short. We arrived with reservations in hand, after 1pm, and mid-week to find the place crammed with neo-hippies. A gentle reminder that Fremont is now staunchly tragically hip. After a short wait, we were finally seated. Our menu choices:

Bistro Salad: I realize the $15 price tag is quite cheap, but that doesn’t mean you can use leftover salad from the night before. I had 10 leaves, loosely draped in a non-flavoured coating. Meh.

Croque Monsieur: No big fluffy french toast dipping here. Instead of following the traditional preparation, this was more of an inspired dish. Or, basically, it was a ham and cheese with soggy bread. The sandwich’s bottom slice clumsily smeared itself to the plate, requiring a fork and knife for eating. <sigh> The saving grace – tasty, salty, pomme frites – the perfect French bistro fries.

Dessert: We tried two. The Shortbread Cookies… blah blah. Same as the Girl Scouts. They desperately needed a bucket of lemon curd. And when the promising Flourless Chocolate Cake arrived, it appeared to be a graham cracker topped with cocoa. Surely not cake.

We’re certainly no longer engaged in a dreamy love-affair with the 35th Bistro, but as long as they keep that duck confit on the menu, I’m sure we’ll be back eventually.


One Response to “Lunch @ 35th Street Bistro (Fremont)”

  1. Sounds like you had an off day? I’ve had consistently good to really good meals at the 35th. I love their space and I love their burger for lunch

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