Veil Restaurant


cosmo.jpg My first 30 for $30 adventure this month was Veil on Queen Anne—a bit baffling. The unassuming exterior doesn’t let on that beyond the front door is one of the most ultra-chic restaurants in Seattle (a city where you’d not get a second look for wearing Birkenstocks to the opera, just a few blocks away). I actually peeked into the bar to see if Carrie, Miranda, Samantha, and Charlotte were there drinking Cosmos. A blanket of white with pink accents, it surprisingly feels warm, not sterile. However, I’m convinced that none of the men there were straight, and if they were, their weenies had shriveled up and fallen off when they walked in the door. This is definitely NOT first date material, unless you have every intention of emasculating him, or never want to sleep with him.

The food was excellent. I had:

Point Judith Calamari with spiced chickpeas, linguica sausage, and cracked olives—a unique dish unlike any I’ve ever seen with complex flavors. Bonus points for: including TWO proteins in an app, and for the generous size.

Russet Potato Gnocchi Frito, globe artichoke, tomato confit and artichoke puree—the gnocchi were toasted balls of carby-goodness, though there were too many tomatoes for my taste (they were like the baby’s breath of the dish—just filler—give me a handful less of the tomatoes and more of those fried carb-balls).

Salted Peanut Butter Ice Cream with a coca nip crunch and halved peanuts. Let’s face it—I chose the restaurant based SOLEY on the dessert choice here. I was not disappointed.

It’s uber-mod, trendy, and elegant, with attentive, proper service, and distinctive food—and they seem to do it without being pretentious. Nonetheless, I’ll feel compelled to put on “slacks” instead of my jeans the next time I go in for some salted peanut butter ice cream.


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