Pond Water Soup


Pond Water SoupWe’ve received another mysterious culinary delivery from our neighbourly chubster. On the trail of Puke on a Biscuit, we present Pond Water Soup. Once again the chef promised this was a delectable treasured family recipe, suggesting it was a leek soup. Not only does it appear dreadfully unappetizing, it actually looks like the water left behind after you wash the leeks. Perhaps there was a switcheroo mistake in the kitchen? Of course there’s also a smell to consider. This liquid reeked of rancid pond water that was swimming with bacteria and insects after festering in the midday sun. That certainly could not have been overlooked. Since we won’t be ingesting this disaster, we’re donating it to an animal rescue shelter as a home for orphaned tadpoles, probably spawning a breakout of mutant ninja amphibians.


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