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The Fatties took on lunch at the 35th Street Bistro, opting for the $15, 3-course Dine Around Seattle special. Although our previous venture to Fremont was most delightful, this visit fell a bit short. We arrived with reservations in hand, after 1pm, and mid-week to find the place crammed with neo-hippies. A gentle reminder that […]

  Culinary foam. I don’t know exactly when it happened, but it must have been sometime after the Starbucks revolution. My assumption is that once the frothy tops took over cappuccinos around the globe, it was only a matter of time before they made the jump to your plate. I personally don’t even allow that […]

Bravo TV has thrown out another season of Top Chef, a series created for trained professional chefs to compete in recipe battles for $100k in restaurant funding. Unlike Hell’s Kitchen, this series offers no zesty dreamy Brit hurling expletives at fumbling cooks, but instead features boney Padma, a former model from India, as a host. […]

I’ve always thought censorship was vile, a tool for the ignorant masses to suppress us minorities in the brilliant elite. It’s my theory that the banning of books just increases their popularity, as people tend to migrate towards such forbidden things. I, myself, once checked out The Anarchists Cookbook from the public library, with the […]

While poor ol’ FattyFreef was delivered Pond Water Soup and Puke on a Biscuit, FattyFoz was fortunate enough to be rewarded with a far better neighbour. The latest culinary delivery is a generous portion of coconut, banana and walnut cake. Mmm… a tasty tropical treat! If you’re real quiet and listen real carefully, you can […]

and We’re proud to announce our all-new, highly-anticipated ultra-fashionable diet of the year – The FattyChow Doritos and Donuts Diet (TM)! The plan is simply – and so fun to do! Sign up with the FattyChow Fatties. We’ll need your name, address and bank account number. You’ll receive weekly deliveries of Doritos and Donuts. First, […]

It’s been delightful to see those stupid carb diets (Atkins and South Beach) finally fall out of favour in the last couple years. Of course, I’m sure a new one is just around the corner, ready to lure another legion of self-hating fatties to hand out their paychecks in return for empty promises. Even in […]