Vulcan joins the Fan Club


The Full Body ProjectLeonard Nimoy may be best known for his role as Spock throughout the Star Trek franchise, but he’s also a fan of the fatties. Nimoy, having already spanned successful careers as an actor, author and photographer, recently joined the FattyChow sensation. The latest feature is his book The Full Body Project, a collection of photographs of chubby nude chicks, some depicting real-life portrayals of famous paintings. Spock does an excellent job of presenting his views on the American woman. His photographs emote sensations of sweetness and charm, capturing women in playful, frolicking poses. He further uses the book to express his disdain for the media, promoting unrealistic diets and body ideals. A man after our own hearts.

And while we do support this offering, we have been disturbed with some of other “fat acceptance” hype, especially the drivel from Queer Guy Carson Kressley’s Lifetime show How to Look Good Naked. I don’t need any man, especially an over-hyped gay one, trying to convince girls to strip down and sashay around in front of bright lights and big mirrors. As usual, what was once an enjoyable successful BBC invention, has been bastardized and demoralized until it’s an over-commercialized American catastrophe. And why, even after knowing their naked ass is going on television, must these girls always be sporting repulsive Lamont’s lingerie that clearly came out of a box? Christ, nobody looks good in that.


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