Yes, I called you a Fatty.


fat cat We’ve titled our blog FattyChow because this is what we wanted to call our cooking show on Food TV. (We’re sure it’s only a matter of time before they give us a call… lucrative contract, excessive expense account and sizable signing bonus in hand). Why FattyChow? It not only captured the essence of our food philosophy, but it gave us the opportunity to retake, reshape and reinvent the word fatty. While some may find this term offensive, we do not. To be fatty is to reject the insulting notions of food policing, overzealous diets, body perfection… all disturbing images created by misguided media and annoying skinny bitches. These corporate-driven ideals promote the billion dollar industries selling diets, supplements, surgeries and weight loss programs. We will not succumb to their preaching any longer.

Now is the time for us to celebrate our fattiness and our adoration for all things fatty. So reclaim your inner fatty! Grab yourself a donut at that morning meeting. Indulge in the all-you-can-eat buffeteria at the casino. And don’t be ashamed to chase down the ice cream man in your Volvo. It’s the FattyChow way.


One Response to “Yes, I called you a Fatty.”

  1. 1 Ralph

    Um, Ina Garten is my dream girl

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