Serious Pie, downtown Seattle


cannoliTom Douglas brought his interpretation of a pizza parlour to Seattle. Serious Pie is located next door to the infamous Dahlia Lounge (mmm donuts). The Fatties dined mid-week, and were pleasantly surprised to be welcomed in without reservations or a wait, which is likely unusual for such a small joint. One immediate disappointment – nothing but beer and wine on the adult beverage menu. If you want a cocktail or a hard cider (my choice), you’ll need to smuggle it in. 

For food, I ordered the special that night, a Roasted Fennel and Garlic Pizza. It arrived, as all pies do, on a hearty individual plank for my personal consumption. It left a weighty trail of olive oil and salt, but those excess indulgences suit me well. This is a large portion for one, so consider sharing or the hassle of a doggy bag. But do know that I was saddened with the outcome of my reheated leftovers the following day… the fennel had turned to a rubber chew toy.

We finished our meal with the ultimate in extravagance – the Hazelnut Toffee Cannoli. This was a wondrous delight of salty nuts and sweet chocolate, crunchy shells and smooth pastry cream… ah this is what dreams are made of. We’ll gladly return to Serious Pie for future chowings, and we’ll most certainly be saving room for dessert.


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