Enotria, Laurelhurst


New Urban Eats LogoThere’s another 30/$30 deal in Seattle – called New Urban Eats, which was offered throughout the month of January. This is an exciting all-new selection of restaurants, and a nice break from the usual 30/30 crowd. You do get the same deal – 3 courses for $30 at 30 NW locations. [Correction: Oops! Still learning counting… actually, it’s 20 restaurant locations. Maybe they’ll get more next time around.]

We enjoyed our first dining adventure at restaurant which opened last fall, Enotria in Laurelhurst. It’s a cozy little Italian bistro, located just east of University Village, with street parking in a fairly residential neighbourhood. Decor is private, yet delightfully warm and inviting, like sitting inside a VIP room. Service was good, but a little slow, perhaps a bit understaffed.

First Course: Pizza with buffalo mozzarella and duck proscuitto (Why don’t they have this at the Top Food deli counter??) and a warm beet and pear salad.

Entree: Butternut squash ravioli, with browned butter and hazelnuts and beefy hanger steak with mushrooms and creamy mashed taters.

Dessert: Tiramisu (huge portion!) and warm chocolate cake.

Good stuff here, so we encourage you to give it a try. And if there’s any etiquette behaviour problems from the next table over, just reach across and smack ’em on the back of the head. It worked for us.

New Urban Eats will be back in May – we’ll see you on the circuit!


One Response to “Enotria, Laurelhurst”

  1. 1 TS

    There were actually 20 NW locations participating, not 30, as stated above.

    Very excited for the return of the promotion in May!

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