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Leonard Nimoy may be best known for his role as Spock throughout the Star Trek franchise, but he’s also a fan of the fatties. Nimoy, having already spanned successful careers as an actor, author and photographer, recently joined the FattyChow sensation. The latest feature is his book The Full Body Project, a collection of photographs of […]

You may think, Fatties, this has nothing to do with me. I’m not fat. I don’t shop at Lane Giant. I fit in this bed just fine. These aren’t “plus” sized pants. Honestly. I buy my clothes at The Gap. Oh, just stop. The Gap sizes have been inflated for the last decade. What was once a […]

 We’ve titled our blog FattyChow because this is what we wanted to call our cooking show on Food TV. (We’re sure it’s only a matter of time before they give us a call… lucrative contract, excessive expense account and sizable signing bonus in hand). Why FattyChow? It not only captured the essence of our food […]

Free Pancakes!


 Tomorrow, February 12th, is IHOP National Pancake Day! Come to any IHOP on Tuesday, from 7am to 10pm, and you’ll receive a free short stack (that’s three cakes). This is all part of a effort to raise funds for Children’s Miracle Network and other charities. While we’d rather give our donations to the boobless, kidneyless or starving […]

Tom Douglas brought his interpretation of a pizza parlour to Seattle. Serious Pie is located next door to the infamous Dahlia Lounge (mmm donuts). The Fatties dined mid-week, and were pleasantly surprised to be welcomed in without reservations or a wait, which is likely unusual for such a small joint. One immediate disappointment – nothing but beer […]

Sour Cream Pound Cake with Rum Glaze (Cooking Light). This recipe produced quite a surprise – a booze-spiked cake donut! How lovely the pairing… sweet sugary cake with warm spicy rum. The instructions suggested using a tube pan, but I made mine in mini-Bundts, because, let’s face it, making something in a cute and little version just […]

 Poor ol’ Japan has been attacked again, but this time it wasn’t us. And, it wasn’t an atom bomb.The Chinese have initiated an assault on their island neighbors by sending in a fleet of poisoned dumplings, apparently, as some new millennium warfare. According to news reports, over 100 Japanese citizens became ill after eating Chinese manufactured […]