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!toidi na m’I


    We recently stumbled upon this atrocity (while driving home from our weekly French-toast feast). One sure-fire way to get on The List—along with the anorexics, bulimics, and dieters who choose to defile our religion—is to show blatant disregard for the traditions that are a mainstay in American chow.   Undisputable facts: Oprah is still […]

Queen No More


We’re always looking to recruit FamousFatties to help us advance our FattyChow agenda, but today, we’re sad to see that we actually might be losing one. Chubster Queen Latifah, who emerged from hip hop royalty to take on Hollywood over the last decade, has decided to buddy up with the calorie crunching beast that is Jenny Craig. She’s become […]

Last Friday we, the Fatties, engaged in the 8-hour project to build the Hi-Hat Cupcake. This is a Martha Stewart recipe, so note that we’re competing with perfection. It’s a chocolate cupcake, topped with an abundant amount of white, fluffy frosting – piped and swirled to a peak. These are then dipped in a melted chocolate mix […]

Fresh from the oven, warm, gooey, caramel macadamia nut brownies seek home in FattyChow tummy. Must be able to consume entire pan before freshness expires. Prefer candidates that will wash down the chocolatey goodness with tall glasses of cold milk. No offers will be accepted from skinny minnies, calorie counters or anybody that has ever had an intimate […]

While we appreciate fine food, and loathe regurgitated MexiChow, we’re not food snobs. We won’t eat puke on a biscuit. Albeit our palettes are refined and we’re somewhat discriminate about what we shove in our pie holes, we can be found, every Friday morning, travelling down AuWhoreA Avenue towards that familiar beacon towering above the […]

Imagine you a friend. And this friend called you one day He told you he made this wonderful French dinner. He shows up to your house. And puts this catastrophe on your plate. Well, you’d have no choice. You’d man up, and grab your fork and dig it right in. Right into the back of his hand. Then you’d repeat as […]



 This year Santa visited our family in Mexico, at the Xpu Ha Palace Resort in Playa del Carmen. They describe the hotel as an eco-friendly family resort. What does this really mean? The food is recycled. Yup. Just like college, what you didn’t eat at lunch will undoubtedly turn back up at dinner. And don’t […]