35th Street Bistro, Fremont


hackey sackHippies rejoice! There’s a swanky joint in Fremont with a place to park your hackey sack. And they got some damn good eats. My 30/30 meal:

Brandade with Garlic Crostini: Crunchy goodness

Herb Roasted Pork: Savory goodness

Profiterole: Chocolatey goodness

We discovered much tastiness at this bistro, and we charmed by the olive tree sprouting in the middle of the dining room. However, we were much disturbed by a small child that had been brought in at neighbouring table. Screaming, whaling and whining. Unacceptable. There’s no kiddies menu or bibs at any 30/30 joint, and there ain’t way to disguise your parental shortcomings. So, please, please do not return. Make your way back to Walmart where that nonsense is welcome.


2 Responses to “35th Street Bistro, Fremont”

  1. 1 Aide

    If only that child was well-behaved as your nephew….

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