Ray’s Boathouse, Shilshoe


Old Retired GuyLocated on Shilshoe Marina, just west of ye ol’ Ballard, you’ll find Ray’s Boathouse. This is a classic Seattle icon, a place I can remember visiting as a young child. Some things have not changed, like the decaying customers. This place is full of ancient Swedes. You’d think there was an old lady farm (ie, retirement village) next door breeding these guys.

Obviously, one great thing about dining at Ray’s is that you’ll undoubtedly be the youngest, hippest and sexiest one in the room. Another one – portion size. Those old timey diners don’t tend to go for neo-classic fine dining plates consisting of 3 dollops of mashed yams.

Our starters included Halibut Chowder (ugh, too fishy) and Cylindrical Beets. There were 3 beet slices, no bigger than an inch, saddled next to a family of naked dry walnuts, served alongside sad green leaves. It was pitiful in portion, and dreadfully lacking flavour. We recommend anything but what we ordered.

We were delighted with our entrees of Crab Cakes (YUM) and Scallops (6 biggies!). We’ll be back for these.

Finally, dessert of Sticky Date Toffee Cake (as ooey gooey as it sounds) and Meyer Lemon Treo (all good ones too), served us well.

The service was good, but there were few diners to contend with. We’ll be back in six months to visits the grandparents and enjoy the view.


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