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I don’t know how they did it, but they did. We were lured back to the Evil Eastside with the promise offered by a tasty menu. We should’ve known it would be bad once we met our Rico Suave waiter. He awkwardly flirted, despite our frowns, and performed some wine glass flipping to nobody’s delight. This […]

Brasa, Belltown


Another Belltown locale. Same wine list. Same crappy parking. Same crowd of ugly bankers. Besides that, it wasn’t so bad. Have you ever had pork belly? Soft warm bacon, it’s true FattyChow. Add on a plate of Short Ribs and you’ll actually feel your ass grow in the seat. You might as well have the […]

I can now die a peaceful death, for I have relished a true delicacy – dreamy, heavenly Ricotta Gnudi. These golden nuggets of creamy cheese are paried with browned buttery delight to perform a dance on your pallette. So stop whatever you are doing right now and get your ass down to Belltown. You won’t regret it. […]

Hippies rejoice! There’s a swanky joint in Fremont with a place to park your hackey sack. And they got some damn good eats. My 30/30 meal: Brandade with Garlic Crostini: Crunchy goodness Herb Roasted Pork: Savory goodness Profiterole: Chocolatey goodness We discovered much tastiness at this bistro, and we charmed by the olive tree sprouting […]

Located on Shilshoe Marina, just west of ye ol’ Ballard, you’ll find Ray’s Boathouse. This is a classic Seattle icon, a place I can remember visiting as a young child. Some things have not changed, like the decaying customers. This place is full of ancient Swedes. You’d think there was an old lady farm (ie, […]

This month we’re celebrating that twice a year event, Dine Around Seattle, formerly known as $25 for 25. First, a little bad news for us veterans, it’s now $30 for 30. While another $5 sure stings the pocket books, we figure we’ll just drink water and smuggle cocktails in our purse. For you newbies, let […]